Going Serverless With Vue & Azure Functions

In this post, i will talk about how i built a pretty naive and primitive dashboard that displays the status of any URLs. The dashboard’s interface is a Vue.js application with an Azure function backend. I will first give an overview of the app with it’s architecture and the different technologies involved. I will focus more on the process and architecture rather than a step by step or code diving (Will probably write a series for this). [Read More]

We Are the Watchers on the Vue

What are watchers in Vue? The Vue documentation describes watchers as a generic way to react to data changes through the watch option. In other words when you want to perform an action based on a data change, using watchers are more appropriate. This would certainly be true per example if you are passing data from a parent to a child component where the data being passed is going to be part of a submit() operation that calls an api to do a POST. [Read More]

Test drive of VENES stack for searching open datasets -Part 1

Hosted on a diverse cloud infrastructure

What is VENES? V Vuejs| E Express| N Nodejs| ES Elasticsearch What we’re building Given several open data sets or dataset apis, the idea is to extract the datasets, transform and load them into an Elasticsearch cluster for fast searches via the Elasticsearch api. Users should be able to type in terms in a text box, google search style, and get instant relevant hits, then they should be able to narrow down their choices using some filtering mechanism. [Read More]