Going Serverless With Vue & Azure Functions

In this post, i will talk about how i built a pretty naive and primitive dashboard that displays the status of any URLs. The dashboard’s interface is a Vue.js application with an Azure function backend. I will first give an overview of the app with it’s architecture and the different technologies involved. I will focus more on the process and architecture rather than a step by step or code diving (Will probably write a series for this). [Read More]

We Are the Watchers on the Vue

What are watchers in Vue? The Vue documentation describes watchers as a generic way to react to data changes through the watch option. In other words when you want to perform an action based on a data change, using watchers are more appropriate. This would certainly be true per example if you are passing data from a parent to a child component where the data being passed is going to be part of a submit() operation that calls an api to do a POST. [Read More]